Beatrice Valentine Amrhein lives in New York and in Paris. BVA was born in Wassy and grew up on Reunion Island before studying at different prestigious art schools: Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (French National College of Fine Arts) in Paris and in Nancy and Parsons School of Design in New York.
Trained in the techniques of painting, she created her first large format canvases.BVA rapidly breathed an organic dimension into her work, where words and forms, fragments of the body and identified or unidentified objects intermingle, jostle or confront each other in a timeless poetic dialogue.While painting was the origin of BVA's artistic expression, it didn't take long for installations, photography, video and performances to appear in her work as well, opening up whole new fields of experimentation.The major theme of the « Report on Body and the Body System » that's treated by BVA is thus found in her « laboratory-studio », an original, protean echo necessary for her art.
Béatrice Valentine Amrhein has taken part in numerous group shows, performances and events in France, and the one-woman shows that have been devoted to her work made it possible to show the different forms of her talent in France as well as abroad in Venice, Los Angeles Baltimore, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, New York, Verona, Bologna. Her work has also been the object of different public commissions (in the form of sculptures and mural paintings).
Beatrice Valentine Amrhein has been working on the « REPORT ON BODY and the Body System » project since 2004.Rooted in her study and search on the body system, this work combines large-scale drawings and paintings, photos and videos through which traces and impressions of the body matrix can be found. Confronting signs, markers and questions, this work introduces the troubling and evocative themes of birth, creation and introspection that are all common to the human body system.